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Cosmic Alarm/Without end
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Publish-date-icon October 7, 2012
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Dwelling in land-mark times, Those instances of uncertainty and imbalance,

Surfacing new paradigmsVia hearts and mindsLike flowers rising by way of the cracks,

Getting to be conscious of all that has been unconsciousAwaking to the elegance of our interconnectedness,Becoming like pieces of a cosmic puzzle,Comprehension that the wisdom means simplicityWhen we get to its profound and untapped depths,Understanding that the fear is the primal And universal human actuality at the exact same time,Understanding the human mother natureOn the edge of its extinction and its breakdown,Realizing the strength of modify, Synchronizing the mother nature with the human existence,Living inside of our hearts which reveal themselves

Residing in land-mark instances, These occasions of unspeakable intensity,

Looking within ourselves and awakingTo the larger and further dimension of our being,Inclined our participation in these electricity shiftsWhen the working day is coming back to its sacred Zero stage,Although the world's soul is crying out to all human hearts.

Coronal mass ejections shooting highlyCharging issue toward the Earth,

Dwelling in land-mark instances, People moments of uncertainty and imbalance,

With the nuclear bulge of the Milky WayClimbing over the solstice horizon to the southeast,Becoming victims of the actuality and keeping the truth together,Maintaining the light of our consciousnessAnd the discipline of the human coherency,Riding the crest of a really huge waveWhich is the cosmic alarm clock ringing in our psyche, The realm where power lives.

Leaving seeds for the futureFlowering our human consciousness in harmony,

Dwelling in land-mark instances, Individuals instances of unspeakable intensity

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